LPO Day 2: At last, some gaming…

Yesterday proved a better day gaming-wise, and the list was quite decent…

I started the day with a couple of games of FlickFleet from Eurydice Games, a rather fun dexterity shoot ’em up that’s due on Kickstarter soon-ish…

This was swiftly followed by a playtest of Tsuxnet Strikes Back (an Agents in Time ‘sequel’) which proved illuminating and of course, rather fun for all concerned – It looks cool on the table, too!

Bunny Kingdom was up next, and although I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I romped to victory in this one, the important thing was that the players I taught it to really enjoyed it!

We were joined by a few more players and split into groups, but our group was fortunate enough to then play Euphoria (“Build a Better Dystopia!”) which is a classic worker-placement Stonemaier game with the emphasis on squeezing your workers to the bone without them noticing you doing so… No doubt many readers who work in bigger companies probably know how that feels! ‘Twas a good game, though, and it came down to the wire with three of us all in the running for the win.

Lighter games followed, starting with a co- operative survival game called The Lost Expedition. This is a fun but tough jungle survival game, but of special interest to me because the artist is Garen Ewing, a very old friend from many years ago, back in the days when I edited fanzines, ran postal games and the like, etc. He was one of my best artists!

Still, we did survive the jungle trek, and ’twas the lovely Ynes that finally scraped us through the jungle in one piece…

Next in line was the somewhat silly and childish Crossing — a game in which players are trying to steal and squirrel away sets of gems from the centre of the table and each other!

This was followed by Fuse which was a rather frantic timer-based game in which you play a bunch of bungling bomb disposal ‘experts’ tasked with trying to diffuse a stack of cards which are dice-based constructions involving physically matching dice to the required pattern indicated on the cards – it’s fun, chaotic, a bit crazy, and we played it on a harder mode, and lost several times! Great fun, though, and that’s the important bit!

Trekking back to the chalet at near midnight, I thought we might end up playing something else, but I was whacked by then, as were some of the others, so it was evidently time to turn in…

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