LPO Day 1: A rocky start…

Well, after failing at Leaving Earth this morning (see Leaving Earth from an Airport…), I did at least manage to land safely in Nantes, France, Earth — and given it was a cheap flight, I do believe there were only four bags on the plane, three of which belonged to us and were full of games for the forthcoming week.

Organising the 7-seater car we’d hired was also ‘fun’ if you’re one of those masochistic types who finds fitting a big round peg into a tiny square hole exhilarating… And being ‘slight of frame’ shall we say (compared to the rest), not only did I get the short straw and have a special ‘seat’ next to half a dozen cargo bags and suitcases, but I envisaged my getting out again to be akin to playing the part of a bean in Baked Bean Jenga…

The trip to LPO was relatively short, but a shopping jaunt to a French supermarket was the first point of order… And some food.

Gaming itself didn’t start until 8pm, and I kicked off my evening with a game of Rise of Tribes… which I lost convincingly… nowt new there, then!

This was followed by an effort to learn Uwe Rosenberg’s 2-player Caverna implementation: Cave vs Cave which ended badly… oops!

Finally, a quick game of Tantrix finished the evening off relatively early (11pm-ish)… Ready to go again tomorrow… at some point…

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