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LPO Day 5: Coming home… :-(

Friday felt like the shortest day I’d had in a long time… We were up relatively early, and after spending an hour or so chatting over breakfast, it was time to get all my stuff sorted ready for the trip home… The check-in and… Continue Reading “LPO Day 5: Coming home… :-(“

LPO Day 2: At last, some gaming…

Yesterday proved a better day gaming-wise, and the list was quite decent… I started the day with a couple of games of FlickFleet from Eurydice Games, a rather fun dexterity shoot ’em up that’s due on Kickstarter soon-ish… This was swiftly followed by a… Continue Reading “LPO Day 2: At last, some gaming…”

LPO Day 1: A rocky start…

Well, after failing at Leaving Earth this morning (see Leaving Earth from an Airport…), I did at least manage to land safely in Nantes, France, Earth — and given it was a cheap flight, I do believe there were only four bags on the… Continue Reading “LPO Day 1: A rocky start…”

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