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UNBOXING: The Rise of Red Skull

Well, it arrived this morning, and frankly I just couldn’t resist the urge to witness this in all its gorgeous… ermm… well, glory isn’t the right word, actually…

PERSONAL DIARY/UPDATE: 2020 – The Year Ahead…

A short summary of 2019 in terms of personal gaming and other games-related stuff, and a look at some personal KS highs and lows, too…

REVIEW: Nanty Narking

Discworld Reimagined: a wolf in sheep’s clothing, or just a trip down memory lane for anyone who loved My Fair Lady? A simple, clever game, but does OTT production and gorgeous art always deliver the goods…?

REVIEW: The Genius Square

You can argue among yourselves whether this is a puzzle or a game, but I’ve had great fun with this, and it’s one of the few games I have managed to get to the table with the rest of my family. This is solid Christmas-fodder, for sure.

REVIEW: Barrage

Don’t let the title confuse you: this is a classic ‘heavy euro’ game featuring worker-placement, future dystopic overtones, and hydro-electric power. Dam [sic], it’s good!

REVIEW: Space Explorers

A highly stylised and well-themed retro space collection game, or just another version of Splendor wearing new clothes? Surely not…!

PLAYTHROUGH (pt 2): Rogers’ Rangers: America’s First Commandos

Part two of my full campaign playthrough of this neat little package from Decision Games…

PLAYTHROUGH (pt 1): Rogers’ Rangers: America’s First Commandos

A good game in a neat little package, with a small footprint, and plenty of variety. I really enjoyed this, so do please follow along with my first full campaign playthrough…

REVIEW: The Island of El Dorado

As gorgeous as this game looks, and as solid and beautiful as the production seems to be, it’s all window-dressing if the game underneath doesn’t work…

REVIEW: The Ancient World (2nd Ed)

If there’s one thing that Kickstarter has brought to the world of boardgaming, it’s the opportunity to revisit and improve older designs, and invite new audiences to enjoy them. This is one such example, and a damn good one, too!

REVIEW: Pandemic: Fall of Rome

Pandemic: Fall of Rome is one of the newest iterations in the Pandemic collection, but does it have enough to maintain the interest of established players? Well, actually…

REVIEW: Darkness

A passion project for sure, this is both ridiculously compact and rather good fun, too. It’s not ground-breaking design, but neither does it outstay its welcome, which is a good thing nowadays, I feel.

REVIEW: Wildlands

A fast-playing, mad scramble from the very beginning – Wildlands is a game probably best not played with those of a sensitive disposition… You’ll be in a scrap before you can blink!

REVIEW: Leaving Earth

By no means the easiest game to get to grips with, Leaving Earth is one of those games that will have you thinking back to your school days, specifically being in Mathematics class. But does that make it a bad game?

REVIEW: The Old Hellfire Club

A back alley gin shop, a bunch of washed-up heroes of the realm, and a single gin shot… what could possibly go wrong?

REVIEW: Metal Adventures

This game may be a few years old, but the progress and development of your ships ramps up fast, making it a fun romp for all…

REVIEW: The Chameleon

If Codenames and Spyfall had a baby, The Chameleon would be it. What a sneaky little gem she is!

PERSONAL DIARY (Jan 2019): One month down, eleven to go… Eek!

Wow! One month into 2019, and I’ve stuck to my plan of not buying or backing any new games… But I did spend money on painting stuff… Oops!

REVIEW: Pandoria

A little known but clever game that is counter-intuitive in so many ways, yet still offers plenty of very tough strategic decisions for players…

REVIEW: The King’s Guild

The King’s Guild is possibly one of the most complete Euro-style games you’re ever likely to play, but does that make it a good game?

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