LPO Day 3: Carry on, carry on…

Wednesday proved not dissimilar to Tues, although it started off with a short roadtrip to McDonalds to see if their breakfast menu was anything like the UK one – it isn’t… and you lot at the back commenting on my food choices can shush your noise! McD’s wasn’t even open ’til 10am, so we checked out the local superstore for a wee bit while we waited for the doors to open…

We got back super-sharpish after that, and it was very nice to start off with several games of Aliens Ate My Planet! with a young chap who was evidently very familiar with Dominion, and thus at some points was teaching me how efficient the engine of my game was – it was almost revelatory to see someone else take my design and show me how smart it allowed him to be with his various combo actions. A splendidly satisfying morning, to be sure!

High Society was the next one on the list, and although I’m not a huge fan of Knizia a lot of the time, I do like this new ‘Art Nouveau’ fancy version. And I won, which is always nice… 😉

I got the opportunity to teach and introduce Century: Spice Road and Rise of Tribes to various people during the afternoon and early evening, and am pleased to say both games seemed to go down well…

We had foolishly entered the Codenames competition at the start of the week, but our 1st Round game proved a bit of a breeze, so we’ll say no more about that for now: we got through to the 2nd Round quite comfortably!

The evening was finished off with a gorgeous-looking game called Imaginarium back at the chalet… I did terribly, but ’twas nonetheless quite the experience! The game is an engine-builder about repairing antiquated and bizarre looking machines to try and produce the resources req’d to fix things that in turn can help you produce victory points… And did I mention it’s rather pretty?  I’m a terrible photographer, but hopefully you can see how totally OTT these player meeples are…

We went to bed shortly thereafter (about 2.30am), but I was sharing one of the rooms with a fellow member of what I like to term my ‘classic’ gaming group (as opposed to my ‘regular’ group), and Paul Willcox and I accidentally got talking about classic role-playing games and campaigns… Oops – we finally piped down and turned the lights out at 4.57am precisely… OMG!

2 Comments on “LPO Day 3: Carry on, carry on…

  1. Awesome
    And well done to the man who needs very little sleep!
    I liked the look of imaginerium – maybe the club can get a copy


    • As pretty as Imaginarium is, it’s a bit of a faff to get your engine going, and I suspect will date quickly. Best games I have played so far this week are Euphoria (by Stonemaier Games) and Rajas of the Ganges, I think… although Rhino Hero yesterday was hilarious! Azul has seen a fair bit of play, too…


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