LPO Day 5: Coming home… :-(

Friday felt like the shortest day I’d had in a long time…

We were up relatively early, and after spending an hour or so chatting over breakfast, it was time to get all my stuff sorted ready for the trip home…

The check-in and security process at Nantes Airport was super smooth – why do UK airports struggle so much with this, especially for those leaving the country? Apart from the plane being delayed, and Nantes Airport being somewhat sparse of anything other than a café and duty free shop (oh, and a watch shop), there’s nowt much to report on that front.

A delay on the M1 meant a 2½-hr journey (approx) home stretched to 3½ hours, but other than that, ’twas a short day indeed…

Lovely as it was to see my family again, I crashed a short while later, and woke bright and early on Saturday ready to tackle my gargantuan email pile…

A couple of quick stats for my personal Le Pas Opton ‘Boardgaming Week’ (Mon-Fri)…

Total games played: 26
New games played or introduced to me: 10
Number of games that I introduced to others: 9
Number of new gaming friends: quite a few…
Total hours spent playing games: erm… also quite a lot
Total hours sleep from Mon to Fri morning: approx. 21½ (give or take a couple of ‘nod off’ times!)

A short list of games that I really wanted to play but never got the chance to…

Glass Road
Die Quacksalber von Quindenberg
Ex Libris
Essential Viticulture

Favourite game(s) of the week: Euphoria, Rhino Hero, and Rajas of the Ganges

Pleasant surprises of the week (excl. above):

Actually spending some time in the pool!
Fuse, High Society and The Lost Expedition
Playing Azul and Nusfjord again…

As I may have alluded to yesterday, this was indeed an enjoyable getaway.

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