A day in Nottingham…

Yeh well. I’ve been meaning to make it to one of these evening social meets for a while now — they’re organised by the rather grandly titled Nottingham Tabletop Industry Collective on a monthly basis. They have a coffee morning, too, but I’ve no chance of making it to one of those, coming down from York…

Anyways, I finally got myself organised to attend this one in June (Tues 18th 2019), and better yet, decided to try and make a day of it and have a wander and nosey around the rest of Nottingham’s gaming scenery… *see what I did there? 😉*

First stop was Chimera in Beeston… an open space ripe for gaming at most scales. A D&D campaign session was in progress when I arrived, which is a good sign for sure…

This was followed by a quick trip on the tram to Games Workshop’s amazing Warhammer World…

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Next was a quick pitstop at Forbidden Planet before popping my head in at the Kitty Club Cafe and Ludorati Boardgame Cafe. Actually, I tried to chill a bit at Ludorati, and was the only one in there for the majority of my time inside…

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A short 20 min trek across the Old Market Square, and in stark contrast to Ludorati, the Dice Cup Board Game Cafe was positively heaving with people and its walls bursting with games. Friendly, chatty staff and a strong core audience of MTG and other gaming groups made this a particularly pleasant place to be…

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Finally, I toodled over to the Horn in Hand pub where I immediately spotted a couple of very recognisable Twitter peeps, namely Ross and Sophie (@moregamespls and @sophisaurus_rex). They promptly introduced me to Nathan (an experienced RPG GM), and we moved upstairs for what proved an enlightening and pleasant meeting discussing all manner of game-related things.

A couple of fellow graphic designers joined us a short while later, and a few others later still, but in all honesty I was feeling a tad ‘beat’ at this point, and all too conscious that I still had a 20 min tram ride and a 90-100 mile drive back up to York.

All told, a pleasant and packed day which saw my step-count climb up to 20,000 from its previous average of 12,000…

Holy schmoly, Captain Stepalot!  A great day out, though, and I get to do it all again next month, on Tues 16th July.


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