PERSONAL DIARY (June 2018): Where did June, go?

I haven’t posted anything on here since last month’s UK Games Expo, and have to wonder exactly where June 2018 went…?  You’ll be forgiven for thinking the same, so I figured it’d probably be a good idea to offer an update…

Hmmm… well to be fair, shortly after the UKGE I had something of a PC disaster: for no reason whatsoever, my PC decided it didn’t want to start and began throwing up spurious start-up issues left, right and centre, with boot errors, NTLDR, BCD and assorted error codes and “your PC/device needs repair”-type messages — ’tis all very doom and gloom to be honest, and as you’d probably expect, the troubleshooting tools, etc. that Microsoft provide are not helpful at all.

Normally, this wouldn’t cause a major crisis because of course, you just reinstall that back-up (you do have one, don’t you?) and away you go… But of course, things are never that simple, and it appears that one of my hard drives also failed during this process…

That drive was part of a mirrored RAID-1 set-up which may or may not mean anything to you, but basically means I have two drives with the same information on. So again, that doesn’t sound like a major problem, just tap into one of them and retrieve all your information, right?  Yup, I thought it’d be that easy, too… Ahhh… computer deffo says “No!” to that idea…!

Bottom-line… I think I’ve lost a shed load of data. Thankfully, nothing that’s relevant to my current gaming and design/writing projects or workload, but a lot of magazine archives, family photos, and what-not — we did actually have an external back-up of the family photos, but can we bloody find that drive anywhere?  Tsk… ‘course not!

Anyways, to cut a long story short, it’s taken me the best part of three weeks to start rebuilding some of the original magazine archives, etc. that I had (it’s a huge PDF archive), as well as trying to recover lost photos, files, etc.  And this doesn’t include the first 7-10 days in which I was so depressed with just the thought of going onto the PC in the first place, that I chose to sulk and mope around instead…  In the mean time, I had migrated some of my stuff back onto my original Mac, which at least enabled me to continue to access my email accounts, etc.  And don’t even get me started on my computer games and stuff — they’ll need looking at somewhere along the line, but it feels like a faraway worry just now, to be frank.

Believe me, you don’t fully appreciate how much of your life is co-ordinated and dependent on your computer, emails, etc. until it’s not there anymore, and then it’s actually quite a frightening thought.  I’m not entirely sure what I intend to do about it, but I’m certainly going to look again at how much of my life revolves around PC access and usage, and make a positive effort to start shifting the goalposts a little.  Of course, an alternative and more effective back-up solution needs to be sorted and organised as well!

That all said, my gaming exploits have been severely hampered this past month or so, too — it just so happens that my car also got written-off during what seems to have been four weeks of utter disaster for me, so I’ve been knee-deep in insurance wrangles, as well, due to an accident that was in no way my own fault!  A direct consequence of all this is that I’ve not been as mobile as I am usually, and thus my gaming opportunities have been few and far between, and with the thought that there’s still a ton of stuff to try and recover from the old drive(s), every day on the PC feels like a bit of a chore right now, to be honest…

Hopefully things will get sorted soon, and my resolve is generally pretty strong, so we’ll see how far that gets me.

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes (if indeed, it causes any whatsoever!)… lol


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