PERSONAL DIARY (July 2018): And July disappeared damn fast, too!

I was originally hoping to get at least another post in before the end of July, but various things happened to scupper those plans, so we’ll see if August can be more positive…

I am still trying to rebuild and piece together some personal bits and pieces from my lost hard drive (as mentioned last time: PERSONAL DIARY/UPDATE: Where did June, go?), and have also continued to rebuild my previously extensive PDF archive/collection in the mean-time… and am rather pleased to say I’ve enjoyed rediscovering some of these ‘lost wonders’ (we’re talking original rulebooks/magazines from 20+ years back!)… It’s not been a particularly cheap process —and has become a time and money sink if I’m being honest— but given I’ve found great pleasure on this particular journey (in some aspects moreso than others), I think I should just resign myself to enjoying those moments as and when they arrive right now…

That all said, I’ve also managed to squeeze some gaming time in at long last, and should have a few reviews and such-like appearing here soon (and in The SPIRIT magazine, too, of course).  And incidentally, if you haven’t seen a copy of The SPIRIT magazine yet (I did all the layout/design work on it), it’s 46 pages full to bursting with gaming goodness and TOTALLY FREE. It’s available for download in PDF format here: The Spirit #1

As for what I’ve been playing… I’ve been a bit lax updating my game plays via BGG but am pleased to say I’ve finally managed to have a go at Century: Eastern Wonders (and will refrain from commenting further until I’ve played a few more games).

Other games we got to the table these last few weeks include Rise of Tribes, Jamaica, Century: Spice Road (Golem edition) and Room 25

RoT_2Rise of Tribes is a Kickstarter title I backed and have been quite impressed with thus far — there is evidently some room for improvement (and they’ve already had to produce some clarifications for the Event Card deck), but our group has really enjoyed getting it to the table, and it’s seen a lot of play in a short space of time… a review will follow sometime soon, hopefully…

Jamaica is a classic pirate-themed racing game that’s been around for a decade or so already, and although we found out afterwards we’d played it slightly wrong, we didn’t know this before we enjoyed witnessing one of those irrepressibly awesome moments mid-game when a player screws their turn up so badly that it had the rest of the table in stitches — an unfortunate choice of card led to him wiping out all the gold in all his cargo holds in a single turn… it had everyone crying with laughter, even the player who had made this colossal, calamitous error of judgement!

Century: Spice Road is proving to be something of an enduring classic with our group , and few people have any second thoughts about playing it when the opportunity arises — it helps a lot that the Golem edition also happens to have a very quick set-up and break down time due to thoughtful design choices they made with the box and internal tray (you can find a review of it here: REVIEW: Century: Golem Edition).  This is a subject close to my heart (and Rise of Tribes also did well on this front), and it’s a topic I hope to be returning to some time soon…

And finally, Room 25 is a game in which players are trying to navigate their way through a futuristic collection of rooms with seemingly no exit (similar to the film Cube that originally appeared way back in 1997!) — the bizarre theme fails to come through in the game, and it left me with a feeling of… well… ‘meh’… and I know at least two other players who felt the same, including the traitor (we played a 7-player game)… It was okay, but nowadays it feels like “just okay” isn’t really good enough to guarantee any kind of longevity, and I’d be surprised to see this one back on the table any time soon. You can read more about Room 25 on BGG here: Room 25 on BGG.

And finally, I also picked up a dirt-cheap scenery pack from Wayland Games in readiness for another go at getting Mantic Games’ Walking Dead: All Out War miniatures game to the table… we’ll see if that happens any time soon…. lol

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