PERSONAL DIARY (April 2020): 30 days of Lockdown. How was it for you?

As suspected, not the best of months…

It’ll come as a surprise to nobody that not being allowed to go out and visit friends kinda sucks when it comes to wanting to play boardgames and socialise with other like-minded souls, especially if you’ve got several new games just begging for attention… This coupled with more recent news that the UK Games Expo 2020 has now been officially cancelled, means there were no shortage of downers to try and overcome this month…


Fortunately, I’ve had a few distractions, including working 5-6 days a week, MTG Arena, binge-watching several things on Disney+, a couple of minor and major DIY projects (actual DIY, not gaming-related DIY: fixing a few bikes, digging a foot-deep base for a new shed, and throwing together a makeshift shed door for the old one – see above), and I’ve finally got the full Print’n’Play file for Aliens Ate My Planet! ready and available, too:

Click here to download the Aliens Ate My Planet! PnP file (a 22-page PDF)


Aliens Ate My Planet! also has its own BGG page now, although it’d be nice to have more players and playtesters passing comment and/or rating it.  If you played it at AireCon earlier this year, now would be a good time to lend a bit of support: far as I know, everybody who played the demo version had lots of positive things to say about the game, so your comments and ratings would definitely be much appreciated if you’ve got the time:

Aliens Ate My Planet! is now on Board Game Geek!



New games, sir?

Yup, my stack of new and unplayed games has been growing again, albeit slowly, and among the new acquisitions are the Thor and Black Widow expansions for Marvel Champions, and both the Arkham Noir Case Files. I was looking at the Arkham Noir solitaire series a few years back, and figured these were definitely worth a punt in readiness for next month’s solo extravaganza / marathon, anyway…



“A game a day in May” starts TOMORROW!

As mentioned last month (Personal Diary/Update March), I’ve decided I will actually have a go at this: the clue is in the name, but basically I’m planning a bit of a solo marathon in which I aim to play at least one game every day in May!  While my hope and the main raison d’être behind this challenge is to play lots of games I might not otherwise get to the table for several months, I’d like to discover (a). whether I can complete the challenge, and (b). what some of the solo versions of a few of the bigger, meatier, and more intensive games I own might have to offer, including Ancient Civilizations of the Inner Sea, Barrage, Leaving Earth, Shadowscape, etc.  My plan, such as it is, should also mean I’ll get to play several games of Marvel Champions using different hero and scenario / villain combinations, which I’m looking at as icing on the cake, tbh, given this is probably top of my favourite games list right now!  Of course, Arkham Noir will get a few plays, too, as will some solo wargames, and more obscure titles like Koi, Mythos Tales, Radetzky, Raxxon, and Sensor Ghosts — I may yet include a bit of Tunnels & Trolls in there, too!


It all kicks off tomorrow, and it seems quite fitting that I’m planning to start the month with a game of Pandemic: Fall of Rome, and possibly end it with a game of Pandemic: Reign of Cthulhu (using a variation of the Fall of Rome solo rules!) … the storyteller in me wonders if it wouldn’t be more thematic to swap these around, given the crazed madness behind this whole idea, but I guess the barbarian hordes descending on Rome is analogous to all the games I’ll be trying to cram in, too, so it works both ways, I suspect!

April 2020 Gaming Stats: 8 games (3 wins) — all solo!

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