PERSONAL DIARY (Nov 2019): Full-throttle November…

Busy, busy, busy…

As mentioned last time, November was always going to be a busy one, but moreso for me because it encompassed not only MidCon and Protospiel, but also coincided with the deadline for the next issue of The SPIRIT magazine… Issue #7 will hopefully be ready by the end of the week (Fri 13th is my personal target for getting all the layout work completed). This does, however, mean I’ve fallen behind on blog reviews and such-like, and given that my actual full-time job(s) are in the Retail and Restaurant sectors, November and December tend to be a very busy time, indeed! That’s a roundabout way of letting you know that my own blog expectations for the next month are so low as to be scraping the ground… lol


So, MidCon and Protospiel, then?

Well, MidCon was another excellent weekend: playing games with no outside day-to-day worries has that kind of effect on most gamers, I suspect!  That said, I like to think of myself as quite a gregarious character, but curiously seemed to spend most of the weekend with the same core group of friends, something I remarked on a few times over the course of the weekend. I also put forth the idea that we could probably organise a gaming weekend of our own (without the additional cost of expensive hotel drinks and such-like to contend with) if we banged our heads together, took along our own games, brought along our own snacks, alcoholic beverages, etc. – something that looks like it might actually happen thanks to one of my gaming group being pro-active and forging ahead with the idea!

Games played at MidCon included (but were not limited to) Marco Polo, Babylonia, Flamme Rouge (lots!), Pandemic: Fall of Rome, Tiny Epic Galaxies, Crusaders: They Will Be Done!, The Ancient World (2nd Ed), Valeria: Card Kingdoms, Marvel Champions, Ulm, Ethnos, Letnisko, and my own designs (see below) Aliens Ate My Planet! and Agents in Time games… Alas, my only regret is that I never got the chance to get Star Trek: Ascendancy to the table this year… 😦

I’ll still likely be attending MidCon next year, but we’ll see how things transpire, I guess.

Protospiel happened at the tail end of November, too, and was extra special, not only because it was the first time an event like that has ever been organised for the UK, but it was to all intents and purposes a great success, too. I tried to help organise something similar for AireCon earlier this year (March 2019), but that idea got pulled relatively late on – a shame, as I think it would have been just as positively received, too!

Agents in Time looking bright and breezy…
Agents in Time Objective Cards…

All the same, I managed to get Agents in Time and Aliens Ate My Planet! to the table a few times at Protospiel, as well as playtest several games from other designers — Danelaw (Mark Morgan), Nomads (Tom Coldron), and Make Some Noise! (a fun party-style game) are a few titles that spring readily to mind, as well as Super-Bee! (which is designed by Andy Lefter: a friend of mine). Both Agents and Aliens received all-round approval from players, with a few promising suggestions for potential changes, although the general consensus is that they both worked really well ‘as-is’ and were nigh-on ready to go, which is especially gratifying.  Now I just need to get them published. Offers, anyone?

I can only hope my own feedback on other games helped those game designers at the event, too, and am particularly keen to find out if one of my suggestions comes to fruition and works the way I hope it will… Watch this space!

Aliens Ate My Planet! in full flow…
The dreaded SSlurge – no-one likes them, but they don’t care!

And the rest of November?

Yeh, well, to be honest the rest of the month seems to have just shot by, mainly due to rapidly expanding work commitments at this time of year. As mentioned at the start, I’ve also had my head down doing stuff for The SPIRIT #7 for a good chunk of the month — and have got to say the next issue is jam-packed to bursting with great articles, if perhaps a little lighter on reviews this time round.  It’s going to be another corker, though, and close to the 100-page mark again, too… Ooh!


November Temptation List

The Great Wall from Awaken Realms (on Kickstarter now)


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