PERSONAL DIARY (Aug/Sept 2020): It’s Been All About SPIRIT This Month…

Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine Issue #10

Spirited Lockdown

It somehow feels like I plummeted through August and September way too quickly, having spent a brief time dilly-dallying inside a blender with the pair of them, and absorbing an almighty dash of Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine thrown in for good measure.

Which is a cryptic way of saying that back in August I decided to continue the journey Kendall Johns and I began back in 2018 (bringing The SPIRIT of Games & Gamers Magazine to life), and took up the editor’s role to keep the thing going in wake of his death. Previously, I was just the layout guy, now it feels like I’m the ‘almost-everything guy’.

Of course, having made that call, one of the first things I set about doing was putting my own ‘stamp’ on it – I figured a major overhaul might be a good idea: a bit of spit and polish here, a wee bit of re-jigging there, and maybe a dash of not-so-youthful exuberance, too. I have also tried to introduce some more rigid controls in the way articles and reviews are submitted, deadlines adhered to, etc. – these will hopefully become more apparent with future issues. We have an ongoing and continually evolving database of all the articles and reviews we have featured so far as well, which is something I’m particularly pleased with.

I also chose to reach out to fellow contributors for a bit of help, with the result that I now have both Guy Allen and Simon Neale on board, and between the three of us, we’re going to actually pull this thing off and keep the damn thing chugging along just tickety-boo and (mostly) ship-shape.

The result of our machinations? A whopping 120-page tome called Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine, which is still FREE – and will remain so for as long as we can keep it going, although we have been investigating the feasibility of a printed / published version as well, and thus far the prices we’re getting for this aren’t actually as exorbitant as we thought they might be. Needless to say, it won’t be happening this side of 2021, for sure…

You can download your FREE copy of Tabletop SPIRIT #10 as a PDF using this link, and I promise there are no other hoops to jump through, just click-and-go: Tabletop SPIRIT #10 PDF

And if you’re interested in seeing how the magazine has developed over the last few years, you could do worse than check out the previous issues, all of which are also available for download from the revamped website: — I am quite shocked we consistently hit 85+ pages in the last year or so (since #6), and apart from the earlier issues —the first one was just 46 pages— the average page-count across the board is approx. 80 pages. Evidently, there are those oft-quoted maxims about size isn’t everything, quality over quantity, etc. but I’m going to take this opportunity to pat myself on the back, and feel good about this — we live in some dark times at the moment, and should allow ourselves these occasional bouts of positivity when they arise. The fact that our magazine is FREE may feel like very small comfort, but it’s gratifying to know all the same.

Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine website

Lockdown Woes

Here in the UK, the Lockdown has proved to be a pretty torrid time for nigh-on everyone, and I’m no exception, and right now (end of September, 2020), just as the country seems to be pulling itself together, it feels like it’s once again ready to pull itself apart at the seams. I am one of the fortunate ones lucky enough to have been working throughout Lockdown, and more to the point, I still have a job as well (two of them, in fact) — many people do not have jobs to return to, and the looming economic crisis and Brexit debacle suggests that things are not going to get better any time soon. It could be a woeful and unhappy Christmas for a lot of people this year…

Craftily, and small cheer it may bring, we actually have a FREE Xmas Giveaway Draw as well – if you’re in the UK and would like to be entered into the draw to win one of The Dark Imp’s rather neat Cracker Games in time for Christmas 2020, all you need do is register your email with us (to receive future issues of Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine absolutely FREE). And we promise your email will NOT be used for any other purpose or passed on to anyone else, and we’re minimising our own email bulletins to just a couple every quarter, coinciding with the launch of each issue in March, June, September, and December…

Tabletop SPIRIT Magazine Sign-up

FREE Xmas Giveaway Draw

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