DESIGNER DIARY pt 1: AGENTS IN TIME — A quick-glance history in pictures…

Next time, I will start covering the origins of Agents in Time in a lot more detail, but for now, they say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I thought I’d put together this little ensemble for you: it contains several examples of where Agents in Time was at development-wise approx 7-8 months ago…

If you can zoom in, you’ll note we had a board (of sorts) back then, some Objects in Time, and what we called ‘Master Roles’ — all of which have now been jettisoned!  It was also called Kairos back then too, in case you were wondering… 😉


Below is an example of where we’re at now, 8 months on, with a new name, revamped Logo, Scorecard, and Timespot graphics (those hexes with Historical Events on them), as well as a couple of new locations: the aptly named Lost in Time and Jailed in Time tiles. And that big black meeple?  That’ll be the Xanadu Time Patrol, and you’ll want to be staying clear of them throughout the game. Just saying, like!

More about all of these in future posts, but I should probably add that we’re actively looking for a publisher/partnership for this game (and several others)…

To read a bit more about all of these projects, visit Tabletop Generation (a relatively new site aimed primarily at game designers and publishers). Billed as a “collaboration hub” you can link directly to some of my other work using these links (including a sneak peak at some of the early prototype work on my current Wine Collector project if you click HERE).

Agents in Time:  Agents game page at

Wine Collector:  Wine Collector game page on

Kairos Games:  KGD company page on

More next time!

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