An early start…

Am off on m’hols for a week or so c/o one of my very good gaming friends, and what’s more it’s a working week of boardgaming in sunny Nantes (average temp this week – only around 29°C… oooh!)

I chose to drive to Birmingham Airport for my morning flight to Nantes – and am pleased to say I arrived early enough to avoid all the usual headaches associated with check-in and bag drop-off.

I think I’ve done a good job of packing and securing my games against any mid-flight hold luggage mishaps, but only time will tell… Eeek! I would be devastated if my copy of Rise of Tribes gets damaged!

I do now have a couple of hours to kill, though, and only have a copy of Leaving Earth in my carry-on bag… but where to find the necessary table space? It has a big ‘footprint’… Of course there’s also the latest copy of Tabletop Gaming magazine to read but I figured I’d save that for the plane…

Ho hum…

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