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LPO Day 3: Carry on, carry on…

Wednesday proved not dissimilar to Tues, although it started off with a short roadtrip to McDonalds to see if their breakfast menu was anything like the UK one – it isn’t… and you lot at the back commenting on my food choices can shush… Continue Reading “LPO Day 3: Carry on, carry on…”

LPO Day 2: At last, some gaming…

Yesterday proved a better day gaming-wise, and the list was quite decent… I started the day with a couple of games of FlickFleet from Eurydice Games, a rather fun dexterity shoot ’em up that’s due on Kickstarter soon-ish… This was swiftly followed by a… Continue Reading “LPO Day 2: At last, some gaming…”

LPO Day 1: A rocky start…

Well, after failing at Leaving Earth this morning (see Leaving Earth from an Airport…), I did at least manage to land safely in Nantes, France, Earth — and given it was a cheap flight, I do believe there were only four bags on the… Continue Reading “LPO Day 1: A rocky start…”

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